Spare parts to fit existing "Trailed" machinery such as Trailers, Muck Spreaders, Slurry Tankers, fertilizer spreaders, etc - basically anything that incorporates an axle (or more than 1), drawbar,  etc. 40Kph tractor tow machinery covers 95% of our range.

Following the acquisition of Paragon Parts Ltd. in 2007 we are able to offer a large selection of trailer, tanker and muck spreader spare parts as used on Richard Western equipment.


With these HUNTON, WKN & UNDERGEAR axle ranges we servicie both Original Equipment Manufacturers and the Dealer / End user markets with products from our own "stable" or from other manufacturers, we are able to satisfy customer's requirements, be they parts for machines in production or spares for machinery already in work.

Examples of manufacturers who have used this range include A.S.Marston, Gull, Griffiths, Wootton, Collins, Salop, Fraser, McConnel/Dow Trailers, Abbey, Redrock, Star, Econ Eng, Hi-Spec Eng, Knight Fm Mach, Keenan, VHS, NC Eng, Norton Trailers, Ruscon Eng, Netago Reekie, Shelbourne Reynolds, Tanco,  Malgar tankers, Western Trailers, Dragon Trailers, Allan Fuller, McCauleys, etc